By Al E Marshall


New websites -definitely worth checking out

Hey guys

Haven’t been updating this site a lot these days but for more of my updates and what I’m up to check out:

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Stay tuned !


old tunes – found this on MySpace

Summer time song

Was trawling through some of the older stuff I did some time ago and decided to upload this as a nice reminder of summertime to come in Australia!

Triple J Unearthed – old entry

Stumbled on this old entry into the Triple J hottest 100!

First Track uploaded to you tube

Sat in the studio for a good few hours today.

Set to work testing out some of the equipment and slapped together a draft song to get a bit of a feel for the kind of music I want to be doing.

I called the song Sweeter as it felt good to get something done. This is the start of more to come an wanted to share it with y’all. The whole thing took about 2 hours to lay down, the clip took another hour and it took me about 20mins to set up the you tube page,

Feeling good as it is a start and the feel and sound of the song although super rough is there.

I really liked the clip of aussie muscle cars in the background



After establishing my motivation to make music I had a good hard think about my influencers. I wanted to go back to songs that really synced with me. Blues was always a real influencer in my musical career. I discovered the blues by listening to old 50s rock and roll and later artists like Bob Dylan, Led Zepplin, Fleetwood Mac (with Peter Green) and more contemporary guys like Ben Harper, Jeff Buckley and Jack Johnson. All of these artists where in some way influenced by early blues and jazz records. Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, BB King, Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday.

The Velvet Underground

The other resounding influence I turned to was folk music looking at Wood Guthrie, Pete Seeger, bluegrass and Americana even early English and Irish ballads. Artists like Neil Young, Christie Moore, Eddie Vedder, Neil Finn and many other more contemporary acoustic artists.

5 Reasons why I create music

Why the drive to create something?

This question tackles the philosophy behind what I have been doing. What drives my desire to create something?

It is all about communication.

Music is energy that conveys feeling, words or a message.

For me it is all about:

1. The awe I feel when I hear a piece of music that is truly amazing, wonderful, uplifting and moving

2. The connection I feel with I play music

3. The energy of collaborating on a track or piece of music

4. The desire to extend this to others

5. The will to have this feeling live on for ever and ever – with no regard to time

These are the reasons why I create music – it is both selfish and selfless at the same time. The transformation of an idea into something that can be indulged, molded, split, transformed, shared and kept forever.



Sometimes in life you just have to get something done or it will bug you for the rest of your life.

Writing music is like that for me.

A loop.



It just is there – I always think about it. I can’t stop thinking about it.

It fills my life it drives my soul and most of all it is part of me.